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If you have found a grounded or injured bat

Please read our injured bats help page first

Contact Jenny Harris on 01572 755274.

Or contact the National Bat Helpline (24 hours in summer) Bat Conservation Trust 0345 1300 228

Bats and building work
Bats and their roosts are protected by British and European Law; a roost is protected even when bats are not currently occupying it.
If you find evidence of bats while carrying out building work of any kind, or you will be doing work that could affect bats or their roost in any way, contact Natural England for advice on 0845 600 3078 or Jenny Harris (see contact numbers above).

General information
If you would like further information on bats or the work of Leicestershire and Rutland Bat Group please complete and send the contact form below, or contact us via our Facebook page - Leicestershire & Rutland Bat Group, or e-mail

Please don't use the contact form below for urgent bat queries.

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