Welcome to the website of the Leicestershire & Rutland Bat Group

The Leicestershire and Rutland Bat Group is a voluntary organisation formed in 1984, dedicated to the conservation of bats in the two counties.  We are closely connected with Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust, and affiliated to the Bat Conservation Trust.

The following list shows just a few of the things we do: 

  • Provide information about bats
  • Provide advice and assistance with bat issues
  • Survey roost sites
  • Record bat distribution
  • Give talks and organise bat walks
  • Provide basic training for members working towards their roost visitor's license
  • Care for 'grounded' or injured bats


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Upcoming Events - 2017

Summer 2017

Our events programme pdf is available now!

See the calendar for events booked in so far.

Next few events:

July – date to be decided - Bradgate Park - NBMP Field survey

A few places will be available on the popular survey through Bradgate Park. Here we have the chance of seeing some spectacular bat action using AnaBat Walkabout.
You could even look at the data yourself and see what we record during the walk. This is quite a long walk so be prepared – E-mail batevents@outlook.com to find out more

August date to be decided - Brown’s Hill Quarry Swarming Brown’s Hill Quarry

To watch Daubenton’s, Natterer’s and other bats emerging from the underground hibernation site.  After emergence we stay until about 2 hours after sunset, as the ‘swarming’ behaviour of the bats round the tunnel entrance is an extraordinary experience.  This event involves sitting quietly in the dark so may not be suitable for children.
E-mail batevents@outlook.com to find out more

August – date to be decided - Jubilee Park, Enderby - NBMP Waterways survey

A few places will be available on this survey to learn how to undertake a Waterway Survey on your own with a friend. Three species of bat are usually encountered so come along and try a bat detector – E-mail batevents@outlook.com to find out more

28th August – 9.00 – 17.00 - Countryside Show at Beacon Hill

Come and meet us or join us for a chat at our bat stand.